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Traveling on a kid-friendly budget: Six days in Uruguay, South America

Want to know more about our family trip to Uruguay, it’s capital, Montevideo, the charming province of Punta del Este and the historical province of Colonia del Sacramento? All within a family-friendly budget, spread out thru bus rides, hiking trips, smart hotel and dining options searching! Just stay tuned (or send us a message using the comments section below – we will be glad to share our travel tips and family challenges!) 😲

For now, we will leave you all with a few collage pics from our traveling family Instagram (@expatmomof3) profile. Thank you for stopping by!

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#Travel #Uruguay #tripmaximizer Part 2 of Day 1: #Montevideo (why did I start posting out of order? Guess the sunset was the perfect excuse for 'regrouping as a family'! Earlier parts of our 'day 1' to come soon: Teatro Solis… Plaza Independencia..) πŸ€— right now we need some rest from the long travel day, which began at 4am in Brasilia, connecting thru SΓ£o Paulo and arriving at the Carrasco Int'l airport in Montevideo. The follow-on 'impromptu' city sightseeing was fun, kids loved it! 😎 #Sunset en la #Rambla overlooking the #ocean #Family #travelguide #traveltips #6dayisinUruguay #Backpack #travellight #carryonluggage #travelsmart #travelblog

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Now, heading to Colonia del Sacramento!

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Day 3, bus ride to #Colonia, #Uruguay and day-long sightseeing! #tripmaximizer Colonia del Sacramento is a city in southwestern Uruguay, across the #RΓ­odeLaPlata from #BuenosAires Known for its cobblestoned #BarrioHistorico, lined with buildings from its time as a #Portuguese #settlement, which clearly was a must-see for the #WallClimbing lovers, aka, our #kids! πŸ€— Also, great #teachingmoment – #history #geography #geopolitics and family ethnic background. #family #travel #southamerica #photography #travelingwithkids #discoversouthamerica #Family #travelguide #traveltips #6dayisinUruguay #Backpack #postcardsfromtheworld

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Back in Montevideo, for some amazing History of Soccer!

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Day 4 #travel #Uruguay #tripmaximizer #ApaixonadosporFutebol!!! βœŒπŸ’˜πŸƒ Visiting the #Soccer #Stadium that hosted the 1st #WorldCup, 1930 πŸŒŽβš½πŸŽ–πŸ” 12 national teams participated: 4 European, Mexico, USA, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay and the host & champion, Uruguay! πŸŽ– Needless to say, it was a lovely #FamilyAffair βš½βš½βš½πŸƒ #EstadioCentenario was built between 1929 and 1930 to host the First #FIFA World Cup, as well as to celebrate the centennial of Uruguay's first constitution. Listed by FIFA as one of the #football world's classic stadiums. On July 18, 1983, it was declared by FIFA as the only historical monument of #WorldFootball – the only building of its kind. #history #sports #futbol #futebol #Montevideo #discoversouthamerica #Family #travelguide Sharing this family travelstory #yalafamilies

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Another great, safe and enjoyable bus ride, took our family to the charming beach resort region of Punta del Este…. for some well-deserved endless vacation time!

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Viagem em famΓ­lia! Family travel during #Carnaval2017 #tripmaximizer #LosDedos en #PlayaBrava #PuntadelEste #travel #photography #Uruguay #SouthAmerica Designed this family getaway during the Brazilian Carnival Break. Decided on family-friendly day tours, thru reading other tripadvisors' travellers. Discovered we could safely take the inter-provinces bus. Affordable, comfortable, easy! *Learned from other #tripadvisor reviewers about the best times to visit the soccer stadium and museums, as well as where to find the best steak dinners! #travelawesome @awesomeplaces2k17 @travelwithusallover @viagemeturismo #vibenaviagem #umaviagem #ig_color #travelbloggersclub #fantrip

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A family affair. Snapshots of our first 2017 travels: Ouro Preto (UNESCO Heritage Site), Mariana (mining town) & Inhotim (largest open air museum of contemporary art), Minas Gerais, Brazil

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Metaphor of motherhood, 2017: "Seeing them climb up thru life on their on, and like any mother, I'm dying a thousand deaths, while silently witnessing their success"… I'm proud. And I'm also shameless. πŸ€— I'll try to become the best mother my children could expect. I pledge to raise independent children. I will applaud their achievements. I'll cry with their tears, and laugh with their smiles. I'll continue to unconditionally love and support them as they grow to become grounded and companionate… πŸ€—β€ #expatlife #MinasGerais #yalafamilies #parenthood_moments

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Praça Tiradentes, Ouro Preto:

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Os "pequenos exploradores" da familia Lima-Miranda, featured by a fellow #travel #blogger. Portugues "AΒ PraΓ§a TiradentesΒ Γ© uma praΓ§a localizada na cidade deΒ Ouro Preto, emΒ Minas Gerais. Foi o local onde a cabeΓ§a do mΓ‘rtir da independΓͺncia, Joaquim JosΓ© da Silva Xavier, oΒ TiradentesΒ foi exposta (1792) emΒ Vila Rica, atualΒ OuroPreto. No local onde estivera o poste (atual praΓ§a Tiradentes) se encontra hoje um monumento ao MΓ‘rtir. Verifica-se que curiosamente, a estΓ‘tua em bronze deΒ TiradentesΒ estΓ‘ de costas para a entΓ£o residΓͺncia oficial do governador". #MinasGerais #Brazil #worldheritagesite #UNESCO

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Gold Mine in Mariana, MG

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Terminando a tarde em #Mariana, #MinasGerais, em sentido horario: O famoso #ouro preto", que dÑ o nome 'a cidade vizinha, mostrando incrustaçáes de #ouro; exemplos de #topÑzio imperial, apenas encontrado em Minas Gerais; crianças na saida da mina, em Mariana, MG; meus dedos, recebermos com o chamado "Ouro de Tolos", (#ourodetolo #RaulSeixas #pirita #sulfetodeferro #pirite #foolsgold) das paredes da mina 😊; e dos últimas fotos, meus meninos, no interior da mina de ouro. #cidadeshistoricas #GoldDust #GoldMine #BlackGold #Topaz #underground #Brazil #2017travels #travelingwithkids #retratosdeminas #TLPicks

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Inhotim,Open Air Contemporary Art Museum

Snapshots from the 2016 ‘Toys for Tots’ in Brasilia, Brazil. Thank you, US Marines!


From our Expat Family to Yours… Happy Holiday Season, and Happy Travels!



Life in the Foreign Service: and our next assignment is….

Could we be any happier? We got (again!) our #1 pick as our onwards Foreign Service Assignment post:

Obviously, more to come… but for now, I only have one thing to say:


Stay tuned… πŸ™‚

Written by Karen Hastings

History and Havana go hand in hand. The name “Havana” conjures images of Spanish conquistadors, revolutionary heroes, and the literati and glitterati who once basked on these sun-splashed shores. Today, the fascinating history of Cuba’s capital awaits travelers at every twist and turn; in the cobbled streets of Old Havana, in the beautiful Cuban Baroque buildings, the historic forts, museums, legendary restaurants, and lively public squares.

A fiesta for the senses, Havana is a city made to stroll. Listen to live rumba music on a street corner, feast at restaurants where Hemingway once dined, or inhale the salt-soaked air along the famous MalecΓ³n. But perhaps the best part of a visit to Havana is the people. Friendly and outgoing, the locals are proud of their culture-rich Caribbean city and happy to share its historic treasures and many hidden gems.

Expat Identity Crisis: on Privilege, Mobility and Belonging. A Personal Essay.

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Lately, there have been a few articles circulating on Facebook describing life as an β€œexpat” (here and here) and the book club I recently joined just picked β€œThe Expatriates” as our next read. So I have started to think a lot about what it means to be an expatβ€”and this has brought on a bit of an identity crisis for me.

When I moved from West Virginia to Germany at the age of ten, no one considered my American mother and me to be β€œexpats”. In a village with a population of 3,000, we were simply β€œthe Americans”. My mother had married a German, and we had settled into a very rural (and very German) way of life. Of course, there were no other Americans in the village, nor traces of a significant international β€œexpat community”. As a pre-teen, I was quickly absorbed into life in…

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