Touring the city of Igarassu, home of Brazil’s oldest church (circa 1535).

Igarassu is one of Brazil’s oldest settlements, located in the island of Itamaraca (“rock that sings” in Tupi-Guarany language) and is full of rich cultural heritage, including the oldest church in Brazil, which dates back to 1535.

The Itamaraca Island is connected to the continent by a bridge, and a short trip there will take you to an enchanting paradise of warm, calm ocean waters and coconut tree forests. One of the singular beauties of the island was already featured here, when our family took a boat trip into the mangrove scenario

The Lima-Miranda family is curious and adventurous: in one single day, we visited the city of Igarassu, and its famous church, the original Dutch Fort (“Fort Orange”), and had time and energy to spend through the intriguing branches of mangrove trees, covered with budding oysters and fresh water crabs! All this is described throughout the blog – if one’s got time and interest to search for! 😮

Today, I’m sharing the images of the Church of Saints Cosme and Damião, built in 1535, in the city of IgarassuPernambuco is Brazil’s oldest church (Roman Catholic):