Freshly Pressed & More

“You just got… Freshly Pressed… Again!” Thank you!

11 JAN 2013

Always nice to get that sweet email from the WordPress editors… Especially, for the second time.. what are the odds? Thank you all for reading! ♥

A bit of Math here [and my former Algebra students who thought they were free from this!]: The chances of being Freshly Pressed are, on any given day, about 12 per million. Well, considering that just happened for the second time, it brings the odds to… 1 in 6,400,000,000 :o Maybe I should move on to playing the lottery?!

Curious about the ‘map it out post’? Here it is! :o 


FP under “postaday2011”

June 2011 was a great month, for several different reasons. A collection of photos showcasing our children on typical Brazilian outfits, celebrating the local Folklore, was featured by WordPress. How cool is that? Seeing your little kids, displaying the culturally-correct outfits used to celebrate Brazilian Folklore? Any mom would be thrilled with the Freshly Pressed feature! Thanks, WP! Original post here. And, there’s more:

Largest Street Carnaval in Brazil – This was my very first post, and apparently, it didn’t take long to be picked up by Pop Pressed‘s radar, on March 2011. Link here for full post. 

We were very fortunate to have a prime view of the SuperMoon from our veranda! Post with unique images was featured by EcoPressed, also on March 2011. View complete series of images here.

Posts were all featured during the first four months of blogging – pretty good for an amateur! 😮


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12 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed & More”

  1. it’s great to find your blog; my friends who have visited bolivia have all told me that i will love it there – whenever i find my way there! it’s one of those carrots, along with easter island and argentina! for now i am happily planted in ecuador. getting closer!


  2. Thanks so much for subscribing to I’m sure FS life has changed somewhat since the days when I was a child growing up in a Foreign Service Family. What hasn’t changed, however, is the amazing opportunity to experience different fascinating cultures, and embrace the richness that is added to our lives through them! Keep on blogging!


    1. Susan – I’m so glad I found your blog! Thanks so very much for offering such a positive feedback! You’re right about the life opportunities within the FS experience (as well as lots of challenges!), all part of the course! Warm wishes for a very successful year of 2012! Greetings from Brazil, Raquel.


  3. Now I’m hooked with your blog. Full of color, fun, happy and interesting people. So much to discover, so much to experience. Everything is a visual feasts. Best part is that it values and celebrates the family. And that I totally dig! Stay bless in what you do. Wish you and your family the best in life. Thanks for the comments/visits.


    1. This is great news! Come back anytime! Family is the most important thing for us – in the middle of this craziness we call life… 😮 it´s our safe haven.. our home base… we need it to work, otherwise, we´re nothing, right? 😮 glad we share similar values.. and passion for photography!


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