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Date Night & Thai Cuisine in Rehoboth Beach, DE.


Lily Thai opens 6 days a week for lunch and dinner, closed on Mondays, at this time of the year. They have great specials, and it is very affordable.



Chef and Owner Lily Thamibutra worked at her sister’s restaurant, Seaside Thai (now closed for good), for 5 years before venturing out to create Lily Thai.  It’s located on First Street, right next to the original Nicola’s, where Dos Locos used to be many (many) years ago. They have (finally!) acquired their liquor license, so no more BYOB. Pony up for a nice cold beer or some wine. In spite of how long it took to get the nod for booze, Lily’s has already earned a reputation for authentic Thai food served up in pleasing, if not austere surroundings.

The signature dishes are the Pad Thai (with chicken or shrimp) and the Tom Yum soup (chicken or shrimp with lemon grass and cilantro). .


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Largest artificial lake in Latin America

Traveling could be seen as a passion. No matter if it’s for work or leisure. Photography is another passion, trying to capture, as much as possible, some of the unique sights visited during the several trips throughout the Northeastern region of Brazil. This is another post from the “Collecting Brazilian States” segment.

the sign indicates that this is the largest artificial lake in Latin America - "generating energy for the whole country"

Sediments from the São Francisco River give Sobradinho Lake coloring that changes from brown, to golden tan, to green. The lake is located in the northern part of the Brazilian state of Bahia, already showcased here on a previous post.

Created by the construction of the Sobradinho Dam (“Represa de Sobradinho“), the reservoir itself is the largest in Brazil, covering a surface area of 4,225 km2. It has a mean depth of 8.6 m and a maximum depth of 30 m. Watch below the concrete bridge/platform being lifted, to give passage for the large ships, transporters and storing units! Really something!


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Forte das Cinco Pontas, Recife.

Nome histórico: Forte das Cinco Pontas.
Designação popular: Forte das Cinco Pontas.
Nome de tombamento: Forte das Cinco Pontas.
Outras designações históricas:

  • Forte Frederik Hendrik;
  • Fortaleza de São Tiago das Cinco Pontas;
  • Forte Frederico Henrique;
  • Forte Frederick;
  • Heinrich Trots Den Duivel (Desafio Ao Diabo);
  • Vijfhuck (Cinco Pontas);
  • Fortaleza de Frederico Henrich.

Muralhas desgastadas, fossos secos e aterrados, paliçadas em grande parte caídas pela deterioração das madeiras, foi este o quadro que apresentava o Forte Frederick Henrich, quando da chegada de Nassau a Pernambuco. Logo pode Nassau constatar a pouca defesa que em tais condições aquele forte poderia oferecer; e se tratava de um importante posto, pois era o único capaz de garantir água no caso de um cerco à cidade. Mandou alargar e aprofundar os fossos; construir uma contra-escarpa na face externa do fosso; alargar e elevar as muralhas; e do lado do mar, construir uma sapata. Posteriormente ampliaram as defesas externas, com a construção de novos fossos em direção ao sul.

Quando da Restauração Pernambucana, o Forte das Cinco Pontas foi a última fortaleza a ser conquistada pelas tropas luso-brasileiras.

Foi ainda no Forte das Cinco Pontas, onde se encontrava aquartelado o general Sigismund Von Schkoppe, que foram elaborados os termos da rendição das tropas holandesas. E a 28 de janeiro de 1654, na Campina do Taborda, o general Francisco Barreto de Menezes, recebeu oficialmente os termos de capitulação, quando ficaram definidos os moldes da evacuação dos holandeses de Pernambuco.

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The Casa da Cultura de Recife

An old detention house, closed in 1973, was transformed under Brennand’s supervision (read more about this visionary, collector and artist, here), in a shopping mall.

The architecture has been preserved, and the cells were occupied by dozens or small shops, selling local crafts.

detail, the prison seen from above, a project all made with wood

Even where interior walls were removed, to allow a little bigger shops, the look was maintained, only two lifts give a dispensable sign of modernity and comfort, in contrast with the strong grills in the center of the building, and one may find beautiful wood work, resembling the ones found in the colorful nearby city of Olinda.

Throughout the galleries it’s possible to find several different examples of the influence of Master Vitalino, when it comes to lively arts and crafts.

Excellent musical and dance performances often take place right outside the building. The Casa da Cultura is an excellent place to obtain tourist information and start an acquaintance with the region’s cultural arts.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

“Two Subjects”. That’s the inspiration for this week’s photo challenge from WordPressThis “theme” is more of a composition challenge, than the usual single themes we’re used to post about. Let’s see how this week’s compositions turn out… mix of natural and man-made two-subject themes…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

Through the aerial roots of this old tree...

“Through”. That’s the inspiration for this week’s photo challenge from WordPress. Humm… Physically speaking? Emotionally through? A passage? A rite of passage? Too many different interpretations for this one single theme. What’s “through” for you? For me, it means passage, strategy, possibilities to overcome challenges…

Since we’re getting through one more week, let’s see how it goes regarding the challenge:

A detailed view from a particular site at the Reuben Island Prison, South Africa - many tried to escape through...

Walking through the city, through old cobblestone steps, São Luis do Maranhão, Brazil

Taking a boat trip through the mangrove in Itamaracá Island, Brazil

Watching the sunset through the rocks in Jericoacoara Beach

"Take my hand and walk me through this path... through your lens I'll see your world..."

And finally, walking through the excited crowd, experiencing the largest street carnival in the world!

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Sunday is for food! Gastronomic event and islander cuisine.

During our visit to the Archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, we were invited to enjoy the magnificent islander cuisine, through an unique gastronomic event. This event happens every Wednesday and Saturday evenings at one of the best bread and breakfast of Fernando de Noronha called “Pousada Zé Maria. Father and son run the business, and the night event we attended was hosted and presented by Zé Maria’s son, Tuca Noronha. Our appreciation to the host, as well as to the pleasant evening among friendly companions…

That said, the ecologically correct paradise of Fernando de Noronha offers opportunities for its visitors to be adventurous, without impacting the environment – and this concept is extended to its cuisine. Besides participating at Zé Maria’s Gastronomical Event, we also enjoyed typical food from the island at the Shark Museum Restaurant and Restaurante da Edilma (where I had shark for the first time!), and the perfect evening view at Pousada Maravilhas restaurant. The union of great food, good conversations and pleasant ambience, is the perfect combination for wonderful travel memories…

Gastronomic Event at Zé Maria’s:

Sea Food Specialty at Maravilha Restaurant:

A special dish at the Shark Museum, in honor of its creator, Eng. Leonardo Veras: “Camarão ao Léo”:

Enginneer Leonardo Veras, our host.


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