Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

The inspiration for this week’s challenge is “Contrast”, and here I’m, sharing a very recent image that represents a lot of contrast: the end of the day, beginning of the evening; the dark colors from the previously light sky, kindly kissing the calm ocean waters, introducing the night to observers and by-passers…

The postal card for Archipelago Fernando de Noronha, in Brazil

And, if you’re curious to know how this scene would look during the day, here’s another contrast: the ‘earth-colored sky’ is replaced by a paradisiac blue sky, which is reflected onto the turquoise and green waters…. from a far away view, I’m bringing you all to a closer look at the “Morro Dois Irmãos”(Two Brother’s Hill) 😮

So, do you prefer the “sunset view” or the “daytime view”?  I’m totally bias, because I’m deeply in love with the main island, but I’m leaving the question here! 😮

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