Armors and Dolls at the Ricardo Brennand Institute, Brazil

Weekends are always reserved for quality time with the family (obviously, after we’re done with the necessary grocery shopping!). Why not offer our children the opportunity to truly experience culture, learn about the Colonial Brazil, the first settlers, and yet, have a great deal of fun? And that’s exactly what our family did! This post showcases one of themes from our visit to the Institute & Brennand Castle, focusing on two very distinct collections/areas: the dolls and the armors, longtime cared and collected by Mr Ricardo Brennand. A follow up about the gardens and overall view of the Institute, a product of the visionary Mr Brennand will be coming soon…

Ricardo Brennand Institute is a cultural institution that holds a museum, an art gallery, a library, a cafe, as well as, a large park. The collector Ricardo Brennand is its creator and owner.

During our visit, we were able to appreciate objects of art from many different locations and times, from Middle Ages Europe to the 15th century, through Colonial Portuguese & Spanish Brazil, Dutch Brazil, 17th century, and Brazil in the 19th century. For 50 years Brennand acquired those objects. The Institute owns Brazilian e foreign paint colections, like the largest Frans Post colections outside the Netherlands, one of the biggest armory in the planet, sculptures from all over the world, carpets and many others objects of art – these last ones will be subject of another post!

The Entrance to the Complex: Institute & Castle

The doors leading to the Castle

Porcelain Dolls quietly observe the visitors...

“Peeking” into the Wax Museum: live-size people re-enact a socio-political meeting

The creators saluting the visitors:


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