Laguna de Cota Cota, La Paz: Pedal boat, ducks and fun with schoolmates. It’s a day off!

School was off for a day – a staff meeting. What to do with our super energetic, active, children? Get them to run, enjoy the playground together, ride the pedal boat, chase ducks, walk (several times!) along the bridges, have a picnic at the park! That’s exactly what some four families (Chilean-Argentinean, Greek-American, Brazilian-American and Norwegian-American) did! It’s one of the beauties of this (sometimes crazy & intense!) expat life! ♥

It is one of the largest parks of the city of La Paz, with a surface area of 2 hectares. Here we find an aquatic lagoon with fish and ducks, games, a suspension bridge, bike path, green areas with games for children, adult areas and barbecues to enjoy a pleasant field day for the family. The park of Cota Cota is in the Southern district of the city.

[Español] Es uno de los parques más grandes de la ciudad de La Paz, tiene una superficie aproximada de 2 hectareas. Aquí encontramos una laguna con peces y patos, juegos acuáticos, un puente colgante, ciclovía, áreas de juegos para niños, adultos, áreas verdes y parrilleros para disfrutar de un agradable día de campo con la familia. El parque de Cota Cota se encuentra en la zona sur de la ciudad.



Author: 3rdCultureChildren

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8 thoughts on “Laguna de Cota Cota, La Paz: Pedal boat, ducks and fun with schoolmates. It’s a day off!”

  1. Yes, we used to love that park too…but I lost Luka there one Saturday. On the weekend it is SUPER packed with the locals and Luka was like a novelty and everyone was asking to take photos with him…well, we lost him for about 5 minutes and i really thought he was gone. We kept going but only on weekdays…i still get the ibeejeebees thinking about that day.


    1. Meli – we went yesterday, so, nobody there… I ended up meeting a friend of yours, Bianca, with her little boy, and we were 4 moms, packed with water, fruits, and kept a close eye on the kiddos… the only time I took pictures was when I was pedaling the boat (did a couple of times, kids took turns while 2 moms would always stay “posted”, looking out… so, in doing that, we were safe, and able to enjoy… Take care, Raquel.


    1. It’s definitely lovely… and such a calming environment… even though the kids were running all over the place, it was great, peaceful… and us moms could get a break and… talk!!!! 😮 Thanks for stopping by and checking the blogpost, Gilly!


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