52 weeks at Post. Challenges & victories.

22 Jul

{UPDATE: We just got our next assignment! Couldn’t be happier! :o}

We’re celebrating a year at Post.

It went by extremely fast. A lot has happened: we welcomed a baby into our lives, our middle child had her first day at School and maybe, her ‘quasi-first boyfriend’ (?), and our boy had his first sports events. Also, several trips for work and leisure, a couple of (unforeseen) visits to doctors/hospitals… All in all, just a few bumps here and there..

We’ve adjusted. We’re enjoying it. Brazilian culture wasn’t a total mystery for me, considering I was born and raised here. The challenging part was coming back as an adult, with my own family, new traditions, new cultural influences, but still adapting to and respecting what I call ‘my roots‘.

Proud of who I am, proud of who we’ve become, as a working couple and traveling family

Traveling around is a rich life experience. It has its challenges, as well. One ends up gaining and losing along the way. The balance is still positive, though. Wouldn’t change anything, not even a bit.

Our hearts could belong to more than one place. Our 3 TCKs are the living example of that.

We move, adjust, adapt to new places, new jobs, collecting little mementos from sites that’ve become close to us, in one way or another; similar to so many other families in the FS, coincidently, the subject discussed this week by the State Dept Round Up.

Meeting new people is the opportunity to cherish new friends, an apparently endless process of hellos and goodbyes... It’s not easy to bid farewell, but we do. As we’re expected to. Life goes on, so we should keep moving

Difficulties come and go. Learning is always the ‘extra bonus‘ we carry with us when departing.

From this point on, the “countdown” begins. Soon we’ll have a ‘glimpse‘ of the upcoming future. What will that be?? 😮


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3 responses to “52 weeks at Post. Challenges & victories.

  1. Sadie

    July 22, 2011 at 12:50 pm

    This week’s State Department Blog Round Up is here, and you’re on it!

    Please let me know if you have any objections and would like to be removed. Thanks for the submission!



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