Our little ‘Daughters of the Mayflower’ descendants and their ‘royal roots’

Just decided to repost (or re-blog!) this, in preparation for the weekend: Family Reunion.

Here is the post:

The original suggestion for this blog post came as an interesting opportunity to share a bit of my husband’s ongoing research on his family origins, and is one of the themes we already posted about.

The most recent wedding preparation events in England are the perfect excuse to bring out the reasons why our two daughters are part of the descendent line from the “Mayflower“, and (very, very far, “urban legend-bordering”, but still) able to be traced back to European royalty… (really??)

Let’s see how it turns out!

My husband’s dabbled with researching his family’s history. Our children can trace back to royal roots in their very distant past through the family of their grandmother, whose last name is Greene. The Greenes came to the United States from England in the 1630’s and eventually married into the Mayflower descendants bloodline. Before England, the original Greene family could be found in France, and the spelling of the name has changed throughout the years.

Honestly, I have no intention to bore anyone with facts/info, just a historical excerpt, but still trying to keep a “fluid” feel for the post: (Acknowledgement: Mrs. Pamela D. Hudson, Georgia USA ).”

“Today’s name “Greene” was originally written “de Grene”, “de Grean” (sometimes transcribed as “atte Gream”) or “Grene” and changed again to simply “Greene” and in America changed again to mostly “Green”. It appears that the Greene’s assumed their name from an allusion to their principal and beloved manor which was Boketon (now Greene’s Norton), in the County of Northampton, England. The place was known for the excellency of its soil, its situation, and its spacious and delightful green. From Buckton, they assumed three bucks for their coat of arms. The earliest known Greene, Alexander, a younger son of the de la Zouche family, was given an estate and title as a “Great Baron” by King John of England in 1202 AD. The estate was that of Grene de Boketon. Walter de Boketon, was in the Seventh Crusade in 1244. Walter’s son, John Grene de Boketon, died in the next crusade in 1271 leaving a year old son, Thomas, who became Sir Thomas de Grene (married Alice Bottisham). Then came Sir Thomas de Grene, who married Lady Lucy de la Zouche, his relative, and a direct descendant of King Henry I of France“.

For us over here at least it’s fun to learn about these interesting historical twists. In the meantime, our two little “aspiring princesses” are happily living in the Lima-Miranda Castle, our “always-on-the-move home”, surrounded by unicorns, barbie dolls and baby bottles!!! 😮


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13 thoughts on “Our little ‘Daughters of the Mayflower’ descendants and their ‘royal roots’”

  1. I also come from the Greene line. In fact MY grandmother’s last name was Greene also. Did you discover that the Greene’s are also the same of Lt Col Nathaniel Greene of George Washington’s Army??


  2. I doubt if you will see this but as I was checking on some facts from my husband’s grandfather’s book called “The Colonial Ancestry of John Greene Briggs and Isabelle Gibbs DeGroff”, I came across your blog. Your husband and mine are of the same line! It’s a huge family. His Greene’s line is from his 3x grandfather, John Green, from Patience (Greene) Briggs, 6th from John the Fugitive, 9th from Sir Henry Greene, beheaded in 1399, 15th from Lord Alexander de Greene de Boketon, 19th from Hugh de Vermandois, the Great Crusader, 22 from King Hugo Capet, and 25th from Robert the Strong. Also descended from the Mayflower Brewsters, Soules, Hopkins. They moved from Rhode Island to Hyde Park, NY and were Quakers.


    1. And it sure is, Madhu… we’re getting ready for a Greene Family reunion, at the end of this month, and I thought that bringing this post back would be an interesting way to prepare for! Thanks for stopping by! 😮


    1. Thank you very much, although my “Greene link” comes through marriage… but hey, my 2 daughters (and son, for that matter!) are part of the blood line… 😮 thanks for commenting, Gilly!


  3. i’m decended from the de la greens and the de la zouche’s!!! who are in turn descended from the ostrogoths in italy :3 just googling around and i found this 😀 we must be distantly related!


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