Five minutes or less for Healthy Living Tips [from the CDC Website]

Hey there! Although these days I’m far away from the wonderful work performed by the CDC office, a bit of web surfing this week led me to stumble upon these great tips, from the CDC Official Website:

“Learn steps you can take in five minutes or less to be safe and healthy with these weekly health tips! Be sure to click on the links to more information, including steps that may take longer but are worth the time. A new tip will be added to this page each week.

Add the Five Minutes or Less for Health widget to your website or blog, and CDC will automatically update it with a new five-minute tip each week!”

Click here if curious about the “healthy living widgets”

And… since I’ve touched upon the subject of ‘healthy living’, I’ve recently switched to a ‘healthier perception’ of Beauty… and joined this initiative, as a #small business person… Why not, right?
Ending 2017 on a high (and beautifully cared for!) note (smiles!)
Switch to Safer Beauty!

Getting ready for Halloween!

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Got kids? 😲 #parentsIRL . . Got get started with tonight’s task πŸŽƒ and ready for tomorrow! . Carving β€˜Pumpkin Joe’, this friendly 22-pounder orange monster from @butlersorchard πŸŽƒ on our dining table! . Middle child tries to find the design online… "it has to be easy, dyi-ish", their dad states, enjoying his wine snd attempting to finish the 'familiar task' before bedtime arrives – "it's a school night, right?"… All while listening (and dancing!) to the #GhostBusters song πŸ˜‚ . . #familyaffair #pumpkincarving #capitolhill #washingtonDC #travelblogger #wordpress #Halloweendecor @parenting.memes

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Fourteen years ago…

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#October18 This year, during our Home Leave, we decided to renew our vows surrounded by the three kids, who got to see where their parents got married, in ABQ, NM. Fourteen years of married life: laughs, love, joy, challenges. The two have become five; I've gained a wonderful family in the US, and we’re grateful for what the past and present have brought us, although, intrigued with what the near future will unveil… A few tears here and there, 'cause it's the real deal – no princesses, no castles, no fantasyland –Β  instead, intermitent periods of single parenting, transitional homefront, endless adjustments. We chose to have these traditions included in our wedding because they are simply beautiful and full of meaning (displayed here thru the 35mm pics, back then, no one had a digital cam!). The 'arras' (13 coins poured inside our hands) symbolized our commitment to provide for the family and our trust in each other to do so. In the lasso (or 'lazo') ceremony, a rosary (in my case, um Terco PortuguΓͺs, my mother's family tradition) was placed around our shoulders in a figure eight. As we were β€œlassoed” together, the rosary’s placement represents eternity and everlasting union, as well as marital protection. We're building a story for our β€˜nomadic family’, and will continue to move forward, despite difficulties or unpleasant moments – and, quoting one of my favorite readings from our wedding ceremony: πŸ’š β€œlove knows all things, believes all things, endures all things. Love never fails…” πŸ’š . . . . . #LassoCeremony #ArrasCeremony #Mariachis #ABQ #iheartNM #35mmfilm #nondigital #photography #Tradition #NewMexico #LoveNeverFails #semamoreunadaseria #relationship #marriage #WeddingAnniversary #Memories #MarriedLife #marriedwithchildren #Love 😁 #parenting #casamento #aniversariodecasamento #amor #amorincondicional #1suitcase4two

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Home Away from Home…

Kids and myself are  safely housed in Washington, DC, waiting for clearance  to go back to Havana. Team Havana is still working to restablish power, water and a safe post-hurricane routine, back home.

Havana Photography: Post-hurricane Irma

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A neighbor and friend kindly sent me (this morning) a few images from our block, street corner and crossing main avenue (La 5ta) in Havana. πŸ€— . . Glad the worst part of the storm has passed by Cuba and its provinces. πŸ’š . . Glad to know our friends and the other members of our families are safe back home… our warmest hugs to the many others back in Havana. πŸ’š As one may see from the last image, the clearing/cleaning the streets/passages has already begun… . . Grateful to have a wonderful 'village' we can count on… πŸ’š . Praying for the ones on Irma's path… #staystrong

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Waiting for Irma… Departing Cuba