Traveling on a kid-friendly budget: Six days in Uruguay, South America

Want to know more about our family trip to Uruguay, it’s capital, Montevideo, the charming province of Punta del Este and the historical province of Colonia del Sacramento? All within a family-friendly budget, spread out thru bus rides, hiking trips, smart hotel and dining options searching! Just stay tuned (or send us a message using the comments section below – we will be glad to share our travel tips and family challenges!) šŸ˜²

For now, we will leave you all with a few collage pics from our traveling family Instagram (@expatmomof3) profile. Thank you for stopping by!

Now, heading to Colonia del Sacramento!

Back in Montevideo, for some amazing History of Soccer!

Another great, safe and enjoyable bus ride, took our family to the charming beach resort region of Punta del Este…. for some well-deserved endless vacation time!


Recently interviewed by BlogExpat!

3rd culture children

Ā Just got interviewed by BlogExpat:From Brazil to USA to Africa and back to Brazil: 3rd Culture Childrenby ErinĀ [27 February, 2012 11:37]Raquel L. Miranda, Brazilian by birth, lived and studied in Argentina. Worked as an international researcher in the USA, before marrying and becoming a Foreign Service ā€˜hauling spouseā€™, mother of 3 third-culture children, all under the age of 7! Currently posted in Recife, Brazil – previous posts including Washington, DC and Maputo, Mozambique.

1. Why did you move abroad?
I was born abroad! [smiles!] My parents used to be public servers with the Brazilian government, so we traveled a lot. With a background in science and research, I was always on a plane, traveling to conferences or symposiums. Then, one day, 11 years ago, resting at the beach in Brazil, while taking a break from my PhD research and endless lecture preparation at the university, I met the one who would become my husband ā€“ he was a charming 26 year-old pre-grad student, interested in international politics, and (surprise!), who liked to travel around the world…Ā Read more

Table Mountain a New 7 Wonders of Nature

The birth place of our middle daughter. Congratulations, South Africa!

Table MountainĀ has been confirmed as one of theĀ New 7 Wonders of NatureĀ after the first count of the global vote was announced.

Below the news link, you will find some images from our personal collection, honoring the Table Top Mountain… Enjoy the slideshow and Baie Dankie!

via Table Mountain a New7Wonder of Nature.

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9 Mountains in 4 continents

Table Top Mountain, South Africa
East-Timor, with ongoing construction of a smaller version of the Christ the Redeemer
Along the West Coast of Brazil
Burgundy Mountains in Brazil
view from the top of Table Top Mountain, Africa
Cape Town, South Africa
Mid-West of USA

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Baie Dankie (“thank you”!), South Africa – Animals and Memories.

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