Snapshots from Maracaipe Beach, Pernambuco

Preserve este paraíso. Não deixe nada além de pegadas, não leve nada além das lembranças.”


Author: 3rdCultureChildren

Welcome! Here I am, 'releasing' my thoughts on traveling, parenting, raising TCKs, teaching, writing, working... and who knows what else! I’m a WIFE, 'geeky-stuff' SCIENTIST, TEACHER, AMATEUR photographer, MOM of 3, TRAVELER by choice and by marriage, and of course, a HOUSEHOLD QUEEN!!

9 thoughts on “Snapshots from Maracaipe Beach, Pernambuco”

  1. Thanks for taking your time reading my blog. I was checking your blog when I saw a brazilian flag. I’m from Brazil, Sao Paulo, and I’ve never been to Pernambuco, but I think your pictures look great. They are like postcards.


    1. Obrigada, Glaucia! Sou originariamente do Rio, crescida em Brasilia, e em Pernambuco por conta de trabalho… Obrigada pelo interesse e por gostar das foots. Eu abri um forum de sugestoes, sites, etc para este ano de 2012, portanto, fique a vontade para escrever suas recomendacoes. Tambem estou a procura de “guest bloggers” para este ano que se inicia, tango em ingles quanto portugues.. Teria algum interesse? Escreva-me.. 😮 abracos de Recife, Raquel.


    1. I loved your blog! So much info! Especially now that our family is getting ready to head out to our next post, La Paz… very exciting reading, and beautiful images provided by your site – thank you! 😮


      1. Thank you! I have heard nice things about La Paz, but honestly, I don’t think I could give up Brazil. I want to move there at some point. I love Lima and Peru, but there is something about Brazil…

        I am trying to make our blog not just about real estate in Peru, but also a place for expats (like you!) and design and a little humor, all with the main theme being Lima and Peru. Who really wants to read statistics on the market or why you should buy a property anyway? (Maybe I shouldn’t say that…? haha!)


        1. Glad to know you’re appreciating it! Success on your blog – hopefully, we’ll all be sharing experiences and impressions, soon! 😮 Thanks for coming by and commenting!


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