Snapshots from typical sugarcane farm in Brazil

Sugarcane products include table sugar, falernum, molasses, rum, cachaça (a traditional spirit from Brazil), bagasse and ethanol.

Photography: Sharing some images from recent visit to a traditional sugarcane farm, and its corresponding mill, in the Northeastern region of Brazil.

[From Wikipedia] ”Sugarcane is an important industrial crop of tropical and subtropical regions and is cultivated on close to 20 million hectares in more than 90 countries (according to FAO). Sugarcane products include table sugar, falernummolassesrumcachaça (a traditional spirit from Brazil), bagasse and ethanol”. 

Sugarcane is a renewable, natural agricultural resource, providing not only sugar, but also, biofuel, fibre, fertilizers and a myriad of by-products/co-products, ecologically sustainable. Molasses, sugarcane’s main by-product, is the raw material for alcohol-based industries. Excess bagasse is now being used as raw material in the paper industry, and its use as a potential fuel alternative, has been considered in recent years.

Some images were taken during the flyover, before arriving at the farm, while others, came through the visit to its grounds, the mills, main installations and sugar processing steps. Enjoy this “sweet” journey!

Arriving at the sugarcane farm:

Visiting the sugar cane plant:

Beginning the process of collection, extraction, refining:

general view
"Casa Grande" (owner's house)
old manual mill

it's always nice to live close to work! 😮


A little gift, to bring home…

hummm... sweet!





Author: 3rdCultureChildren

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12 thoughts on “Snapshots from typical sugarcane farm in Brazil”

  1. I grew up in Hawaii back in the late 50s where there were sugar cane fields everywhere. We used to stop at stands where they sold sticks of the cane that we could chew on. Great landscape views.


    1. Thank you very much. Much appreciated. I also loved the views, especially the aerial views from the sugar fields… Thanks for sharing your memories from growing up in Hawaii… Greetings from Brazil! 😮


  2. Back in the day — after college– I spent three months traveling in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and Macau. I clearly remember getting a stick of sugar cane from a street vendor and wandering around for HOURS with it!


    1. It’s nice, isn’t it? 😮 We have a guy across the street (from our building here), who sells the “sugarcane juice”, just the extract, fresh from the stick… too sweet, super-caloric, straight to your brains kind of sugar, but people swear by it! 😮
      Thank you so much for sharing your impressions here… Much appreciated! Cheers from “sweet” Brazil! 😮


        1. definitely, the best! I’m uploading a new picture: the “final product”… a gift given by the owners/producers… guess what it’ll be? 😮


    1. Really glad it’s been appreciated! Thank you very much for stopping by and commenting… 😮 Greetings from sunny Recife, Brazil!


    1. Thank you, CMSmith! Who knows? Maybe one day you receive a great offer to travel to Brazil… and, voila! 😮


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