“Here I go again!”: dancing to ABBA’s Mama Mia.

This 5 year old not only decided she could dance to the ABBA’s Mama Mia and ‘designed’ her very own ‘moves’, but also, despite not convincing any of her classmates to join her in this ‘Artistic Adventure’, went onto stage ‘solo’, for a full international school auditorium…

Pretty gutsy, right? 😮


This 5 year old not only decided she could dance to the ABBA‘s Mama Mia and ‘designed’ her very own ‘moves’, but also, despite not convincing any of her classmates to join her in this ‘Artistic Adventure’, went onto stage ‘solo’, cheered by a full international school auditorium… The youngest one to perform at the school… and yet, the bravest! ♥

Pretty gutsy, right? 😮 


Author: 3rdCultureChildren

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15 thoughts on ““Here I go again!”: dancing to ABBA’s Mama Mia.”

  1. OMG, she is adorable. Mama Mia will have new meaning now! I keep telling Phyllis she will be an actress and Phyllis goes “Oh, no, don’t say that”. Marcella will definitely be in the lime light somehow! Perhaps public speaking or politically. Who knows. She sure isn’t afraid of anything. Caesar gets more handsome by the day. I hear you will be in Delaware the middle of June. I will attempt to come for a visit to give you all a hug. Love the blog, Raquel! Love to Chico and all the tots.


    Ed and Janet


    Tel: 410.987.9045


    1. oh, Janet! Thank you so much! Yeap, we’ll be in Lewes somewhere between June 10th – 20th. Hopefully, you’ll find some time to come by for a visits! Kids are growing so fast! And Marcela is definitely our Glee Girl! 😮 Take care, Raquel, Leonel & our army!


  2. Not only gutsy, but really talented! The moves are far better than those I’ve seen choreographed by local ballet teachers for far older children. Another 5-year-old has just watched entranced, and commented, ‘She’s very clever to do all that!’


  3. Sweet and charming – and I totally agree on the discussion above. Why making everything so big and …BIG. The thing is to make things natural and simple – some people have to see things as they are and find out what’s essential in life. I didn’t think it could be like that where you live. That sounds more like the western world.


    1. Thanks for your points… And, surprise! it’s like this here in Bolivia, it was like that in Brazil, and it’s [an unfortunate] reality in the US. Hopefully, as you mentioned, parents will understand that there’s no need to make everything BIG. It’s about understanding and loving, about having passion for what you do, and developing social respect. One can only hope, right? 😮


        1. I totally agree… I was a bit surprised, and maybe, taken aback when trying to get more girls/classmates to dance with her, but kept receiving the same response for parents: ‘oh, no… it’s too much work… we gotta hire a choreographer (hello! she’s 5!), get the outfits made (???), and make sure they would not embarrass themselves (???) while performing…’ It was , for sure, a shocker. This type of exercise, as you very well mentioned, is to build their self-confidence, their awareness, their passion for the arts and their love for what’s pleasant and beautiful. This is not Broadway… 😮 You’re so right, and I do hope my children will be able to hold on to that… and grow up as well-adjusted citizens – who love and appreciate themselves, and yet, who will know how to respect the others… Thank you again for sharing your thoughts here – much appreciated!


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