Photo Project: 52 Bolivian Sundays [week 4, ‘Love’].

A traditional expression of love, for something bigger than oneself…


Religion, devotion, faith, Love – many names for the several different ways of approaching what’s believed to be a stronger, powerful protective force… People seeking blessings, seeking help, seeking guidance…



Cerro Calvario (Calvary Hill) is a hill in Copacabana lined with small monuments representing the 14 Stations of the Cross. Pilgrims visit the Stations for prayer and penance. Thousands of pilgrims journey to Copacabana – some on foot for the entire 158km distance from La Paz, and it’s the chosen inspiration for the fourth week of this 52-week Photo Project, and the last Sunday of January 2013.


At the summit of Cerro Calvario, pilgrims light incense and buy mini replicas of various material possessions that they hope the Virgin will grant them during the year.

The Virgen de la Candelaria in Copacabana is a statue of the Virgin Mary sculpted by an Inca craftsman in 1576. Believed to work miracles, the statue of the “Dark Virgin of the Lake” is the most important pilgrimage destination in Bolivia.

According to a local legend, in 1576, some Inca fishermen were caught in a terrible storm on Lake Titicaca. As they prayed for help, the Virgin Mary appeared and led them to safety.

A traditional expression of love, for something bigger than oneself…


For this week’s photo challenge, we’re all trying to answer the question:  ‘What is love?’ Some amazing bloggers have already done it! What about you? ♥


Author: 3rdCultureChildren

Welcome! Here I am, 'releasing' my thoughts on traveling, parenting, raising TCKs, teaching, writing, working... and who knows what else! I’m a WIFE, 'geeky-stuff' SCIENTIST, TEACHER, AMATEUR photographer, MOM of 3, TRAVELER by choice and by marriage, and of course, a HOUSEHOLD QUEEN!!

74 thoughts on “Photo Project: 52 Bolivian Sundays [week 4, ‘Love’].”

  1. Hi What a great post.
    I’m confused, where is Copacabana? Is it in Brazil? And La Paz is in Bolivia?

    Fascinating to learn about this pilgrimage. I know a little about the ancient Spanish pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela because I walked it last summer, but its become too popular and too busy. This one appeals to me. Did you walk it?


    1. Well, there are two places named Copacabana. The one in Brazil, belongs to the city of Rio de Janeiro, and was named in honor of the one in Bolivia (Our Lady of Copacabana is a saint figure, honored and worshiped by fishermen in Bolivia). And La Paz is the exciting capital of Bolivia, our current home! 😮 One day I’ll do the walk in Santiago de Compostela.. one day!


  2. I gotta say I really loved the Cerro Calvario shot. That’s a very cool way of doing the Stations of the Cross. But I gotta say that my favorite is the last picture. I know you don’t see her face, but it definitely evokes a sense of faith. Nice job. I love her wrap too, reminds me of the bright colors of Guatemala.


  3. Oh wow! You have inspired me with this post! I loved everything, from the way you describe it and the way you showcased the photos! Great job! Love is not just about having someone special, it is about looking at things in a different light with respect and happiness 🙂


    1. Thank you very much, Joycelyn! Glad I could inspire someone… 😮 if you come up with a new post on ‘love’, just let me know, and I’ll be happy to go check it out! Take care & have a great day!


    1. Thank you very much, Jo Bryant! My next move will be towards putting together some sort of ‘photo journal’ about our visit to Copacabana, the hiking, the mysticism [Calvary Hill], open markets… a big task, for sure… let’s see how it comes out! :p Thank you very much for your usual interest, great & positive comments, and for always offering kind words of support! They definitely keep me going much appreciated!


  4. your interpretation of love is very beautiful and inspiring … i love to see the colourful clothing and devotion of the pilgrims … and thanks for the pingback 🙂


    1. I’m glad to share your post- always a pleasure! and thanks for your very sweet words & comment about this post… it’s definitely a very interesting challenge for this week! Have a great weekend! 😮


  5. So much to see and share. I hope one day everyone is ‘third culture’. Today I chatted on the stair with my upstairs neighbour – Serbia, USA, China, UK all getting along and the kids have the languages, using whichever is needed.


  6. Such a rich culture, I’m really enjoying these posts, what an amazing place. I have an image in my head of little plastic televisions, cookers and perhaps the odd tractor!


    1. Thanks, Ambar! The pingback comes from the little area below the post, when you’re editing it… it gives the original author the ‘linkback’, without cluttering the post… but trust me, and you know it’s true, because it gave you the ‘shout out’… your post is linked to mine… Glad and pleased to share! 😮 Take care & wishes for a great weekend!


      1. Got it! Thank you so much for explaining that to a noob like me 🙂 I am always confused by pingbacks and trackbacks!LOL.
        Thanks again for taking the time to explain it to me and for sharing my post! 🙂 Have a great day!


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