750 days in country: Giving a hand to expats in Brazil (tips from The Expat Blog Project).

Sharing great tips from a friend, Julien, from the Expat Blog Project, who, driven by her passion for discovering new cultures, and herself being an expatriate for several years, launched the Expat Blog project seven years ago. Her goal is to gather all the expatriates’ blogs throughout the world on a unique platform. Expat blog is mostly aimed at sharing experiences of people living abroad. According to Julien, she’s always thought that the real life and experience of expatriates could really help those people wishing to start a new life abroad.

So now, that expat platform is announcing the launch of two functions which would greatly help expats and soon-to-be expatriates. Definitely, a great resource, for any moving/relocating plans…

What’s Expat blog? It’s a web portal launched in 2005 by expatriates, for expatriates. Its ambition is to help people living or willing to live abroad, wherever they are from or would like to go. Expat blog is the most active online community of expatriates, with 420 000 members from 206 countries and 400 big cities.
Who is it for? For all the people living or wishing to live abroad. It is a platform of expression and exchange, an information source about expatriation.
How does it work? The website offers various tools to help expats and potential expatriates:
– discussion forums
– expatriate blogs directory
– guides
– photo albums
– business directory
– classifieds.

New features : Jobs and Housing sections, focus on Brazil!
To meet the demands of expatriates and soon-to-be expatriates in Brazil, Expat blog has launched two new dedicated spaces: a jobs section and a housing section. They are aimed at helping people in their job and accommodation search, two essential steps when expatriating.
The idea is to get access to job offers in Brazil, wherever you are. You can have access to the Brazil job offers, per job category and job contract. You can also create your CV and contact potential employers.

The Brazil Housing section enables you to look for or to offer an accommodation: rental, sale, flat share, flat, house… it’s up to you! You can see pictures of the apartment and get in touch with the person via Expat blog (need to be a member of Expat blog to post an ad).
And here, from a previous post, when we began preparing for our countdown, but still feeling the need to share tips with other expats planning on moving/relocating to Brazil:

source: The Economist Magazine

We’re on countdown mode!

Time has gone pretty fast, but I feel like we still have a lot to do, a lot to see and experience… Lot of planning on my horizon, as well… we’re less than six months before we pack our bags and head out, in preparation for our next assignment. In the meantime, found some time to do some research, ask around and prepare a simplified list of “tips” for expat women living or planning on moving to Brazil.

FIRST: A great blog, listing several expat experiences in Brazil, thank you, TheTaoofMe for working on this fantastic list! 😮

* * Resources for the “cosmopolitan woman”  * *

American Society of Sao Paulo
The Society exists for the following purposes: To promote and maintain friendly relations between the United States of America and Brazil, to provide for the celebration of days of remembrance such as Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, and other holidays traditional to United States citizens, to receive and entertain officials and visitors from the United States, to aid United States citizens and their immediate families who are destitute or have insufficient resources to meet emergencies or other essential needs, to aid and assist newly arrived United States citizens by providing information which helps orient them in their new surroundings, to promote charitable, social, cultural, and athletic activities of interest to the U.S. community in São Paulo.

Associação Beneficente Internacional Women’s Club Porto Alegre
Participation in our Club has given the members the opportunity to meet an international group of people with varied interest, customs, cultures and languages, to learn more about Porto Alegre and the Brazilian way of life. Some have found that special friend to help through the difficult adjustment in a new country.

International Newcomers Club – Rio de Janeiro
The International Club of Rio (InC) is a non-profit organization comprised of individuals from the local and expatriate English-speaking communities.

International Women’s Club of Paraná
The aim of the club is to provide opportunities to meet informally, exchange ideas and make new friends as well as helping newly arrived international families settle more easily in their new life. The club is open to expatriate women and their families that are new to Brazil, Brazilian women who have lived abroad for at least three years (within the last 10 years) and (English-speaking) Brazilian women whose husbands are foreigners.

International Women’s Club Porto Alegre http://br.geocities.com/iwcpoa/

Macaé International Women’s Club (MIWC)
A non-profit, volunteer organization offering friendship, guidance and service to women establishing residence in Macaé and surrounding areas. Furthermore the Macaé International Women’s Club provides opportunities for charitable activities and humanitarian assistance to our community.

Newcomers Club – Brazil
An English-speaking group that is designed to give you the opportunity to meet and develop friendships with others who live in the same area.

The American Society of Rio de Janeiro (AmSoc Rio)
This organization celebrates American traditions, hosts themed parties, and supports local charitable projects. The group is open to all nationalities and offers opportunities to volunteer, meet new friends, and network through group events, including a Speaker Series. Their Ambassador program links new members with those who have lived there for many years.

Got kids in School?

I grew up here! 😮

American School of Brasília http://www.state.gov/m/a/os/1527.htm

American School of Campinas (EAC)
pre-K to 12, co-ed
Follow the American curriculum. Recognized by SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) and have an excellent program of studies. We have in our community children from all over the world.

American School of Recife http://www.ear.com.br/

Note: worked here for over a year. If you’ve got any questions about the school, and believe I could offer any assistance, feel free to drop me a line! :o

American School of Rio de Janeiro http://www.earj.com.br/

Escola das Nacoes Brasília http://www.edn.org.br/

International School of Curitiba http://www.iscbrazil.com/

Pan American School of Bahia http://www.paspanthers.org.br/

St. Paul’s School Sao Paulo http://www.stpauls.br/

The American Elementary and High School Sao Paulo http://www.graded.br/

The American School of Belo Horizonte http://www.eabh.com.br/

Tip Toe Alphaville’s Montessori School &
Discovery Alphaville’s Elementary School Sao Paulo

For now, we’ll keep enjoying the journey! 😮


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