The Supermoon and Cinco de Mayo

In case you missed it, yesterday was Super Moon night. And it was also Cinco de Mayo
At the end of the afternoon, a very shy, though gigantic moon, kept hiding behind the dark clouds, refusing to come out and share with us its full glory… and we kept waiting, but no success… we then realized, there would be no super moon over the northeastern coast of Brazil,like what we were able to witness last year, from our beachfront setting… Disappointment? Maybe, but then plan B kicked in: its Cinco de Mayo, with or without the magnificent moon! Let the party begin, and, if the moon is too shy to show us it’s grace, the party could continue until the other star – the sun! – would greet all the party people!
And so, enjoying good food, good music and great conversation, a Brazilian-Mexican Celebration went through the night… Happy Cinco & Happy 2012 SuperMoon!

A 'super Lua' e o Cristo Redentor, no Rio de Janeiro, na madrugada deste domingoA ‘super Lua’ e o Cristo Redentor, no Rio de Janeiro, na madrugada deste domingo (Ricardo Moraes/Reuters)

😮 😮 😮 😮 😮

Here, from last year’s unique impressions:

Just wanted to share a few pictures with you all. The Supermoon, seen from our apartment, in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil, on March 20, 2011.

Feel free to use and/or share the photographs, just remembering to indicate the source! Thanks!


Author: 3rdCultureChildren

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20 thoughts on “The Supermoon and Cinco de Mayo”

  1. Beautiful photos! It has been cloudy here in Wisconsin all week, so we have had to enjoy the super moon via photos (but she still shines on us through the clouds, even if we can’t see her!).


    1. Great! Thanks so much for sharing impressions from your end! Here in Brazil (NE coast) the moon’s been beautiful, shy, but still gorgeous… sometimes orange, sometimes almost red… full of glory! Greetings from Recife! 😮


    1. Thank you! I guess I just “updated” this post… 😮 The gigantic moon is still around, ‘strolling’ over the northeastern coast of Brazil.. Coming out very soon… 😮 Thanks for stopping by and sharing your impressions!


  2. You are lucky! You had a much better view of the “super moon”! It didn’t look this big or colorful from California!


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