“Talk to me, Goose”. Flying from Pernambuco to Alagoas after flooding season

This year’s rainy season is almost over for most northeastern states in Brazil. Heavy rains tend to cause extensive flooding. A good way to visit the sites is by air, since roads are taken by the floods.
Here are images from a visit to the state of Alagoas, after the relief actions.

landing in Alagoas
tents distributed to the misplaced population
overview of the flooding damage (city's outskirts)
a typical resident of the city's outskirts
aerial view of the state capital
aerial view of the coastline

Author: 3rdCultureChildren

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5 thoughts on ““Talk to me, Goose”. Flying from Pernambuco to Alagoas after flooding season”

  1. Great pictures. It reminds me of the devastating floods back how. Whenever I read or hear of a family that just lost their home or family, it breaks my heart. Thank you for opening the eyes of the World to the realities of life.


    1. I do appreciate your comments. These floods are happening so often here in the northeast of Brazil that, it seems like people stopped caring. “It’s the raining season….”, and life keeps moving on. I truly hope I don’t change my takes on life, becoming “immune” to social disasters, like many have. It could be seen as some sort of “self-protection” mechanism, and I understand. Everyone deals with their own problems the best way they can… But blogging isn’t about sadness, right? Gotta see the good in everything, like the international help brought under the form of “tents” for the misplaced… At the end, there are people out there, who will always care! 😮


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