Lazing in hammocks dipped in water: where Paradise and Blue meet…

Now comes the climax of any trip to a fresh water paradise in the middle of sand dunes, along the Northeast coast of Brazil: the Paradise Lagoon (“Lagoa do Paraíso”), the Heart Lagoon (“Lagoa do Coração”) and the Blue Lagoon (“Lagoa Azul”). Just relax at a kiosk and let your concerns melt away in this paradise in the middle of the Brazilian “desert.” Have lunch with your feet in water or a cold beverage in this national park – you choose!  These lagoons never dry, even with the high temperatures of the hottest summer months…

At the Paradise Lagoon, where Paradise and Blue meet, one of our all-time favorite sites:

Now, enjoying life at the Lagoa do Coração (Heart Lagoon, due to its unique shape, inserted between a world of sand dunes)

Calmly dipping into the fresh water, while husband went out exploring the sand dunes..

Author: 3rdCultureChildren

Welcome! Here I am, 'releasing' my thoughts on traveling, parenting, raising TCKs, teaching, writing, working... and who knows what else! I’m a WIFE, 'geeky-stuff' SCIENTIST, TEACHER, AMATEUR photographer, MOM of 3, TRAVELER by choice and by marriage, and of course, a HOUSEHOLD QUEEN!!

6 thoughts on “Lazing in hammocks dipped in water: where Paradise and Blue meet…”

  1. I can’t tell you how much I’d like to be in those waters, your photographs so inviting. A lovely family. Thanks for visiting my blog so now I’ve found you in such sublime water. And thank you for leaving such a generous comment. I’m glad you found the blog peaceful. Aiming for harmony with Ghandi here to remind me. Thank you, Raquel.


    1. thank you, Susan! I’m glad I found your blog, and my comments are honest – really liked it. It’s the necessary “stop-breathe-relax-think” moment we all look for, but can’t find everywhere. Congratulations on your work!


    1. Melissa – will see if I can change it… I guess it’s generated by WordPress, but I’ll see if I have you as a “little monster”, also generated, your next option… it happens if one doesn’t log with their own address/link, I suppose… give a bit of time and I’ll have it fixed! 😮


    1. it sure was. the kids??? for the first time in history, we (Leonel & I) left the kids with my parents (in Fortaleza, State capital), all 3 of them, including baby Cecilia and a bunch of frozen bags of milk (I was still pumping back then) and took this 5 hr bus to Jijoca (town), and a one hour ‘flat-bed 4×4’ truck to Jericoacora, the beach town/village where the 2 of us met, 10 yrs back – the goal was to revisit every single place we did when we first met – the first kiss, first dance, first night out… the walk along the beach, the nearby lagoons, the sunsets (from the Dunes and at the Pedra Furada)… got some pics, if you want to see, or you could just wait some 50 weeks…. 😮


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