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Neighboring Plant Nursery

Visiting the neighboring plant nursery…

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Plant Nursery Photography: A visit to the ‘Vivero de Aranjuez’ in La Paz.

Detail, from a coffee plant

New country. New home. A brand new garden to work on! ♥ And believe me: there’s a great deal of gardening to be done before our front yard gets to where we’d like it to be – full with native plants, adapted to the high altitude, able to endure the cold and dry weather, and yet, displaying colorful plants, flowers, and trees. Soon we’ll be sharing images of our newest project: The Miranda Garden! For now, my main responsibility is bringing it back to life, finding new seedlings for transplant, planting, and, with the help of our newly hired gardener, offer the yard a lot of TLC!

I’m a planner. I live by ‘lists’. Maybe I’m even a controller… hard to say… [my husband should be the one to address that!]. Anyway, my very first chore was a visit to one of the best-known plant nurseries in town: The Vivero de Aranjuez.

Over 180 different species of plants. Most of the workers are women, who take pride on what they do, and claim to understand more about plants than any man would…

Fuchsias, daisies, calla lilies, geranius, coffee plants, palm trees, gerberas… you name it! And I brought them all back home… gotta get the Project started!

Here are images from our visit (baby girl also came): Click on the image to see it blossom! Enjoy!♥


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School ‘Babylon Hanging Garden’: hard work pays off!

Great use of a recycled PET bottle!

Wordle: herbs

The Recognition 

EcoClub Pizza! Harvest time is approaching for the Hanging Gardens of the EcoClub. We’ve talked the School Canteen into turning the garden’s produce into Pizza (and Salad!) for lunch on June 11.:o Stay tuned!

That said, I’ve been asked to provide updates on our Hanging Garden Project. We’ve got new ORGANIC VEGGIES, all from ‘freshly donated seeds’… Our middle/high school students have been deeply involved in building a system with planters made from recycled PET bottles, as seen on the right. What originally was a school research project, has become a multidisciplinary task (see left), and a passion for all the gardening lovers! Besides that, we’ve discovered a great source of cost-free clean/distilled water for all the watering needs: the several air conditioning devices, spread throughout the school campus.  


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