Photo Project “52 Bolivian Sundays” [week 39, ‘Saturated’: the Quena Case].

The quena is a South American wind instrument, mostly used by Andean musicians

The Quena Wood Case

Saturated. With colors. My offer for this week’s photo challenge, still sharing bits and pieces of the Bolivian culture, through the 52 Bolivian Sundays Photo Project! šŸ˜®

This photo was taken during one of our recent hikes, just outside La Paz, through the Valle de La Luna unique geological formations. Flute players, Andean musicians usually come over and greets adventurers and pass-byers with their art… in more ways than one!

This beautiful wood case is commonly used to carry the Quena set, the traditional Andean flute. Note the unique wood work inside the case, all the colorful faces, carefully design to represent different Bolivian pueblos.


TheĀ quenaĀ is a South American wind instrument, mostly used by Andean musicians.

And here, a little bit of ‘cultural’ background… šŸ˜®

TheĀ quenaĀ (Quechua:Ā qina, sometimes also written “kena” in English) is the traditionalĀ fluteĀ of theĀ Andes. Traditionally made ofĀ bambooĀ or wood, it has 6 finger holes and one thumb hole, and is open on both ends or the bottom is half-closed (choked). To produceĀ sound, the player closes the top end of the pipe with the flesh between his chin and lower lip, and blows a stream of air downward, along the axis of the pipe, over an elliptical notch cut into the end.Ā 

Quena is mostly used in traditionalĀ Andean music. In the 1960s and 1970s the quena was used by severalĀ Nueva CanciĆ³nĀ musicians, this use was in most cases for particular songs and not as a standard instrument but some groups such asĀ IllapuĀ have used it regularly. In the 1980s and 1990s some post-Nueva CanciĆ³n rock groups have also incorporated the quena in some of their songs; notablyĀ Soda StereoĀ inĀ Cuando Pase el TemblorĀ andĀ Los Enanitos VerdesĀ inĀ Lamento Boliviano. The quena is also relatively common inĀ World music.

ā™„Ā Enjoy as you please, and thanks for stopping by!Ā ā™„



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26 thoughts on “Photo Project “52 Bolivian Sundays” [week 39, ‘Saturated’: the Quena Case].”

  1. I always enjoy seeing these beautiful, one-of-a-kind art pieces, especially if they also serve a functional purpose. So different from the uniformity of plastic “art” from you know where….
    thank you for the pingback!


    1. They’re everywhere down here, right? This is the third country I’m living in… and the richness [of colors, textures, fabrics] remains the same! Thank you very much for stopping by and commenting – much appreciated!


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