15 days to a ‘possible White Christmas’… Driving among the clouds…


Image #6: 20 Days of a Joyful Christmas: Literally driving among the clouds, outside the city of Nuestra Señora de La Paz… And we DID GO through this ride [or at least, the fab hubby did… all the driving!]. Here is the link for the complete Photo Essay!

Twenty days until Christmas – through twenty images of joy… We’ll get a bit closer each day that goes by… Previous image here.


Author: 3rdCultureChildren

Welcome! Here I am, 'releasing' my thoughts on traveling, parenting, raising TCKs, teaching, writing, working... and who knows what else! I’m a WIFE, 'geeky-stuff' SCIENTIST, TEACHER, AMATEUR photographer, MOM of 3, TRAVELER by choice and by marriage, and of course, a HOUSEHOLD QUEEN!!

9 thoughts on “15 days to a ‘possible White Christmas’… Driving among the clouds…”

  1. Your travels and speaking different languages is all so amazing to me. I’m glad you were able to capture that amazing shot driving among the clouds. I could never do it. Can’t deal with heights. I have issues crossing a simple bridge. Thanks for the education.


    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by! I also have my issues with heights, as well… luckily, the husband is a fantastic and patient driver… for most of the curves I kept my eyes closed, while listening to the kids’ conversation… and then, here & there, my husband would call me and say ‘look, that’s an amazing shot… would like to give it a try?’ I’d then get the camera, roll the window down, and snap it… good team work! 😮


    1. It was quite nice, Cherise… although I have to confess, I’m glad Chico is the ‘designated driver’, since I can’t stand heights and/or the curvy roads… beautiful and scary… lovely view through the foggy roads, and again, kinda scary… he loved it. Kids loved it. I enjoyed taking pictures… whenever I had my eyes open!!! 😮 Thanks for checking it out! got your lovely card & letter – thank you… Wishes for a very merry holiday season!


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