Update: Taking antique photographs in the streets of Olinda, Brazil.

“Foto Lambe-Lambe”: calling in customers

We’re on countdown mode. Soon, our family’ll be heading out of Recife, towards our new assignment… Now, it’s time to organize our photos, and begin sorting to the memories we’ve built during our time here. One of our favorites, the city of Olinda, another UNESCO heritage site

Any traveller loves to take pictures! We are no different.
Imagine our surprise and joy when we discovered this Argentinean “street photographer” during one of our walks along the many historical streets in Olinda, Pernambuco.

street in Olinda
“Daniel the Argentinean” lives and works in Olinda. Before, lived in Paraty (RJ) and Ouro Preto (MG)

The man responds to the name of “Daniel the Argentinean“, and with his original equipment, offers the by-passers a unique opportunity to have an antique-style picture taken. He’s got it all: the chemical mixtures, developers, films, and once done, surprises you with a nostalgic impression – reminding me from when I was a child growing up in Brazil, and my mom would take my brother and I for the 2×2 photographs, for school’s documents…

Boy, am I that old???

“the man behind the machine”

“…and they lived happily ever after…”

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