The singular city of Brasília, where architecture, mysticism, and government meet. First stop: Metropolitan Cathedral

I’d stated before my deep admiration for this city. Unique and beautiful, in every single way. Brasília is part of who I am, and who I’ll always be…

This past week, husband had the opportunity to enjoy its perfect architecture, while  facing very long working days at the Capital, but this talk will be left for an upcoming post – a lot happened in Brasília during this past week.

For now, I’m dedicating this series of posts to him, showing my deepest appreciation for this efforts in bringing back home (daytime & nightlight) pictures of my hometown, during his quite scarce free time… 😮 This first post will be about the dream of a visionary man, and the idea of constructing a cathedral resembling two hands together, reaching up…

Brasilia cathedral

Image Source (left): “” Brasilia is without any doubt a singular city, different from all others; even those ones considered moderns and planned.

For such special city, an equally singular Cathedral was designed and built. On 12th September 1958, the Cathedral’s cornerstone was laid. The Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasilia is an expression of the geniality of the architect Oscar Niemeyer. In 1960, the Cathedral’s structure was finished, and only the 70 m diameter of the circular area and the 16 concrete columns were visible. These columns, having parabolic section and weighing 90 t, represent two hands moving upwards to heaven. The Cathedral was dedicated on the 31st May, 1970. At that time it had already the external transparent window. Four bronze sculptures 3 m high, representing the Evangelists, can be seen at the external square in the entrance of the Temple. These sculptures were made with the help of the sculptor Dante Croce, in 1968. Inside the nave, three sculptures of angels are suspended by steel cables.

The smallest angel has 2,22 m of length and weighs 100 kg. The medium one has 3,40 m of length and weighs 200 kg. The big one has 4,25 m of length and 300 kg weighs. The sculptures were made by Alfredo Ceschiatti, with the help of Dante Croce, in 1970. The nave stained glass is made of 16 pieces of fibreglass. These pieces, in colours of blue, white and brown, were fixed between the concrete columns, in triangles of 10 m of base and 30 m of height. They were painted in 1990 by Marianne Peretti. Having an oval form, the Baptistery has its walls covered by a panel of ceramic tiles painted in 1977 by Athos Bulcão. The local architecture is completed by a bell tower. Its four big bells were donated by Spain.


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23 thoughts on “The singular city of Brasília, where architecture, mysticism, and government meet. First stop: Metropolitan Cathedral”

  1. Wow! The exterior ,may be marvelous, but the interior is awe-inspiring. I would love to visit it one day. A guy can dream. 😀 Thanks for referring me here. I loved it! 🙂


    1. You’re more than welcome! I love “collecting photos from our trips”, and our time in Brazil has been perfect for that… too bad it’s getting close to its end.. but then, we’ll head to a different place, different culture, and lots of new opportunities to snap unique shots… That’s life, got take it with a very positive attitude, enjoy every little moment, and build wonderful memories! Feel free to check the other posts/photos from our past/current travels (in Brazil or other places)… 😮


      1. We have to, as you do, offer something for humanity wbich can realease us fromn the frenzy and paranoia and the clamping effect of everyday drivel in the ‘news’. Your posts do this! It is I who need to thank YOU for this!


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