Our son’s classroom featured on Rede Globo: good eating habits can be taught.

28/11/2011 Um hábito que os especialistas em nutrição recomendam que seja incentivado desde cedo e que começa a mudar a rotina de muitas salas de aula.


Author: 3rdCultureChildren

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5 thoughts on “Our son’s classroom featured on Rede Globo: good eating habits can be taught.”

    1. Thank you, and I couldn’t agree more! If all the schools were truly concerned about their students’ diet! And, obviously, a great opportunity to teach science, math (kids went to supermarket and farmer’s market), social and life skills… Brazil has so many healthy options when it comes to eating well and right. Why not take advantage of that, introducing to the new generation the importance of building and maintaining good eating habits? In my opinion, it’s a win-win situation… 😮


  1. Even though I don’t know Portuguese, I watched half the movie anyway. The only words I understood were: nutrients, fruits, nutrition. vegetables, vitamins and I’m pretty sure this one man said something about a balanced diet with lots of fruits are important in the first years of the kid’s life’s, right? 🙂


    1. You’re right, Cassie! 😮 Thanks for giving it a shot! You know, we’re talking about local news here… my kids go to a private Brazilian school, in order to improve their Portuguese fluency skills (writing, reading…), so they may be able to converse intelligently with their Brazilian relatives (also, a big help for later in life, regarding finding jobs! :o) Anyway, you got it all right! Because the kids are in some sort of accelerated program in school, they’re learning science, while still in Kinder…At home, we try to keep it fun, with enjoyable experiments and “backyard investigations”… no pushing, at all. Can’t say we’re not very proud of their little class on TV.. which parent wouldn’t, right? Thanks so much for stopping by, checking it out, trying to understand a very regional Portuguese, and for taking the time to comment! You’re fantastic! Cheers from tropical & “fruity” Recife, Brazil! 😮


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