Derelict African landmark demolished: weekly photo challenge “broken”

I love challenges. Life without challenging moments seems a little dull – so I’m always chasing them! Here is my response to this week’s photo challenge, whose inspirational theme is “broken“…

The backstory leading to the pictures:

MAPUTO, 31 March, 07 (Reuters)The shell of a disused beachfront hotel that has been a landmark of the Mozambican capital for more than three decades was demolished on Saturday to make for a new U.S. embassy. The multi-storey Four Seasons Hotel would have been the largest in the southern African country but its construction was abandoned in 1974 after a coup in former colonial ruler Portugal led to Mozambique’s independence the following year. “The Americans want a secure site away from the bustle of central Maputo, and here is a large site beside the beach containing nothing but a large ruin … it makes sense that they occupy it,” Deputy Tourism Minister Rosario Muleia told Mozambican television. “So rather than the enormous expense involved in trying to rehabilitate a 32-year-old shell, it would make more sense to rent the land…”, he said.

the first detonators in action...
half-way through the explosion...


Author: 3rdCultureChildren

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36 thoughts on “Derelict African landmark demolished: weekly photo challenge “broken””

    1. Cool – liked your comments… never thought of the series like that… they original sequence has some 12 pics, and a video, but I had to chop it down, for the sake of reading… 😮


    1. the building had been condemned. pipes were clogged with concrete, and the construction wasn’t considered safe, anymore. the decision to implode it was a wise one. sad, maybe. but no violence or harm…. thanks for your thoughts, though!


  1. I like the first shot ! I’ve never seen this in real but I would love to !
    I’ve always admired the work of this demolition’s men. 🙂 Thanks for sharing !


  2. I remember often driving past that shell and then, one day, we went back and there was just a pile of rubble… I wondered what had happened to it. Thanks for posting.


    1. Robin, got several other pics/posts about Moz, and video, made from the roof top of the Marine Detach’t House, while we were posted in Moz. Definitely a unique experience! Glad you appreciated!


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