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Just a regular sunny afternoon in La Paz… with hail showers!

From a sunny afternoon, to 12 minutes of intense HAIL SHOWERS, back to a calm and warm end of the day… That’s La Paz… gotta love the ‘Paceño weather’! 😮

At 4:00pm, a regular sunny Monday, like many others…

before the showers

Right around 4:30pm




Finally, at 4:42pm [yeap, I had a stopwatch!]…


How not to love this? If you don’t like the weather… just wait a few minutes, and it’s guaranteed to change! 😮


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Hail to the Redskins! [with an actual Hail Shower during our Spring Chili Cook-Off!]

Photo Credit to Joe Glorioso (Redskins Training Camp).

Photo Credit to Joe Glorioso.

Chili2012.jpgWhat could be a better way to spend the last Sunday of September? Friends, family, kids running around, all waiting to try the different chili dishes during a Cook Off hosted by the local Marine Detachment… On top of that, add the possibility to watch a couple of football games, enjoying a beautiful Spring Sunday

the #1 chili!

Hail… to The Redskins! Hail Victory!

Weather in La Paz, Bolivia, tends to change on a dime.

That said, our gorgeous Spring day witnessed a surprising hail shower!

look at these ice pieces!

But, does anyone think it could have stopped the chili contestants (aka, the ‘ cooking chefs‘), or the excited and full of energy children?

Not one single bit! Hail showers during Spring? Humm… but it’s La Paz, so nothing surprises us anymore…

With the lowered temperature, more people for the freshly grilled burgers, and… more for the chili!

A quick look at the different chili dishes, ready to be tried, judged and devoured! 😮

Hey! I was almost forgetting:

This DC-based family is all burgundy and gold. Regarding this Sunday’s game, Washington Redskins vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers, guess who won? Despite Tampa putting the full court press during the second half, scoring a field goal during the last two minutes of the game… The savior 42-yard field goal gave the Redskins the most deserved 2-point lead! 

That’s right! 😮

And here, a big Hail to the Redskins! Real hail… Literally!! 😮

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