Fourteen years ago…

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#October18 This year, during our Home Leave, we decided to renew our vows surrounded by the three kids, who got to see where their parents got married, in ABQ, NM. Fourteen years of married life: laughs, love, joy, challenges. The two have become five; I've gained a wonderful family in the US, and we’re grateful for what the past and present have brought us, although, intrigued with what the near future will unveil… A few tears here and there, 'cause it's the real deal – no princesses, no castles, no fantasyland –  instead, intermitent periods of single parenting, transitional homefront, endless adjustments. We chose to have these traditions included in our wedding because they are simply beautiful and full of meaning (displayed here thru the 35mm pics, back then, no one had a digital cam!). The 'arras' (13 coins poured inside our hands) symbolized our commitment to provide for the family and our trust in each other to do so. In the lasso (or 'lazo') ceremony, a rosary (in my case, um Terco Português, my mother's family tradition) was placed around our shoulders in a figure eight. As we were “lassoed” together, the rosary’s placement represents eternity and everlasting union, as well as marital protection. We're building a story for our ‘nomadic family’, and will continue to move forward, despite difficulties or unpleasant moments – and, quoting one of my favorite readings from our wedding ceremony: 💚 “love knows all things, believes all things, endures all things. Love never fails…” 💚 . . . . . #LassoCeremony #ArrasCeremony #Mariachis #ABQ #iheartNM #35mmfilm #nondigital #photography #Tradition #NewMexico #LoveNeverFails #semamoreunadaseria #relationship #marriage #WeddingAnniversary #Memories #MarriedLife #marriedwithchildren #Love 😁 #parenting #casamento #aniversariodecasamento #amor #amorincondicional #1suitcase4two

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We also said “I do”… Some 2,922 days ago!

October has become a great month for celebrations among the Miranda Family. Today, the Lima Miranda couple celebrates eight years of married life.

It took me a little while to find my “Mr Right“… in fact, I had almost given up trying, when suddenly, he showed up – the perfect balance for my “high-demanding” – “need-to-be-in-control” – “almost-annoying” personality… And he was the right one. I felt like he’d been “designed” to be my partner for life:

It’s been an amazing journey, filled with love, joy, easy and difficult times, challenges, victories and children – more precisely, three of them – our little treasures: Cesar, Marcela and Maria Cecilia.

Marriage, for the ones who’re experiencing, is definitely not an easy road. It’s bumpy. It’s curvy. It’s risky. No married life is picture-perfect, but ours is worth every second.

Every discussion or argument is a reason for reconciliation. And an opportunity to get to know the other person, a bit more, a bit deeper. One never stops learning. You learn as you go. You learn with your mistakes. You learn by watching, observing, remaining silent, and by letting your thoughts out… [sometimes, not as nicely as you’d expect to do, but, hey, that’s real life, right? :o]

We’ve enjoyed life together… we’ve already accumulated a decade of Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations:

Eight years ago, we said: “I Do“… It was during a beautiful Autumn day in New Mexico, surrounded by close friends and family, gifted by the harmonious mountains in the background, and obviously, greeted by the happy tune of Mariachis… 😮

The Lazo Ceremony
[just for fun] Displaying the Mariachis Parade to the world!
"will you marry me?" and the answer: "always"... 😮