{Weekly Writing Challenge} The Sound of Silence.

The Sound of Silence: Welcome to the Jungle!

The Sound of Silence: Welcome to the Jungle.

Enjoy the silence, I ask you – and let it take over you…

I’m opening the doors to the silent voices in my head.

Welcome to the jungle, I’d say…

The jungle is quiet, and yet, it’s not. Its creatures keep moving, and talking, and chanting…

“Welcome to the jungle we’ve got fun and games”

Do we really? What’s fun about our chaotic minds? Unstoppable creation? Endless fiction?

We are the people who can find whatever you may need

But the people remain silent. How can they offer me what I need? Do they understand me?

You too, enjoy the silence, and its unique sound. The sound of things falling, the sound of lives turning, the sound of minds creating…

The sound of silence – the silence in the jungle in which we’re all trapped in – ourselves.

“Welcome to the jungle we take it day by day”

Enjoy the sound of silence – the silence of a day going by, without you even noticing… The sound of time passing, the sound of aging without living…

“Welcome to the jungle it gets worse here every day”

The silence is taken over by the voices in my head… the little voices chanting their fears through their lyrics… the silence is gone… the voices are all the jungle has now.

Welcome to my jungle, unveiled by the false silence and the powerful voices that only exist in my mind…

[Started my morning on a fantastic beat… from 1987, to be more precise… thank you very much for the inspiration – words and thoughts are based on Guns & Rose’s hit, creating the sound of silence in my head, broken only by the little voices that follow me around…]

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