Environmentally Protected Area (APA): Reserva Biológica do Altinho, Pernambuco, Brazil

Be aware: Cute Animals Ahead!

Find below images from our visit to the “Environmentally Protected Area” of Altinho, a park embedded in the middle of the State of Pernambuco, in the Agreste Region of the country, showcasing the characteristic Caatinga vegetation (desertic, hiperxerophyla, lacking leaves trees). Not far from our home, some good 160 km, or 260 miles – a good weekend getaway!
The protected park borders the (famous for seasonal festivities and their arts & crafts) cities of Caruaru and São Caetano; Cupira, Panelas and Ibirajuba; Agrestina and Cachoeirinha. The park is surrounded by several rivers, but mainly by the Una and Ipojuca rivers. The rivers lead into the Atlantic Ocean, creating deltas, which are a great spot for calming and relaxing baths…

Entering the Park:

Área de Proteção Ambiental, Reserva Ecológica do Saltinho, Pernambuco
Where the Una river meets the Atlantic Ocean
Caution with the animals crossing the road

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