Previous Home: La Paz, Bolívia

La Paz was our home from 2012-2014. 

Our deepest appreciation for Esto es Bolivia, for this beautiful images! Please, visit their website for travel information and/or other unique images.

♥Thank you!


8 thoughts on “Previous Home: La Paz, Bolívia”

  1. Enjoy your two years. By the way if you are at the US embassy go out the west gate where the cars are parked and turn right. Walk a few steps and you will find a little store where you can buy some great pastries. As you are leaving the store look up at the building in front of you to your left and way at the top on the 16th floor you will see me wave to you… Well, not today but next time I am there to visit my sister. Oh yeah, the picture of me here, was taken in Huajchilla. I look forward to reading about your great adventure.


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