Watching the sunset from the top of the Duna do Por-do-Sol

One of the few places in the world where the sand dune has its colors changed from beige to golden yellow and gradually to pink, in an emotional spectacle to the visitors.

Before this trip, the last time I’d enjoyed the sun set from the top of the Dune was in June 2001. Without knowing, I was sharing the moment with the one who would become my partner for life. Ten years later, the two of us went back to rescue that sunset we left behind. We succeeded… ūüėģ

Ten years ago, the first date. Two became five. The love, remained strong…

Today my husband and I celebrate the 10th anniversary of our first date. Here we are, again at a beach town in Brazil, remembering the first moments. Now we’re joined by a lovely army: our 3 children.

The Miranda Family got to spend the Brazilian Valentine’s weekend at the Love Beach¬†(Praia do Amor), in Pipa, Rio Grande do Norte. Kids had a ¬†great time and the most deserving mom and dad got to enjoy each other’s company. Life has taught us a lot: we’ve been learning how to be more understanding, especially regarding little things, which in the beginning, used to upset us. Now, they just seem so small in the large scheme of things… We’re still learning…

{Note: the children’s nanny also came! (smart, right?)}

More details – about our relaxing weekend, the nearby beaches we got to visit – coming soon…¬†

Beach, bay dolphins, burgundy rocks, back in a bikini!

As promised earlier, here are some more images from our relaxing-exploratory weekend in Rio Grande do Norte, in the district of¬†Tibau do Sul, a few hours from Recife . We got to spend a very restful weekend at Hotel Pousada Morada dos Ventos,¬†where our incredible host (hotel owner), Tania, made sure every detail would be taken care…

Our favorite part? Hard to say… Somewhere between the hammocks, the short trips to the village, our best Mexican restaurant experience in the NE (so far!), and the peaceful walks along the white sands, searching for dolphins… Kids loved it. Baby napped as much as she could. Mom and dad enjoyed their opportunity to connect with nature, and with themselves…

Feels good to be together. Feels great to be back in a bikini! (Honestly, it was also part of the adventure!)

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Four to Forty – celebrating the birthday of our King of Hearts

Today is the birthday of the “Kings of Hearts” from our “Full House“, which also has a King of Spades, a serious and committed 5 year-old boy.

Siding along with the duo of kings, we’ve got three queens: “Queen of Hearts“, pairing with the celebrating¬†King, and apparently the one in charge of anything “household-related”, making sure all parts and processes are in place.¬†Our “Queen of Diamonds“, aka, “drama queen” is a 3-year old going on 13. For the last one, our “Queen of Clubs“, the jury is still out there – we’re not sure yet how she’d embrace her role as part of this full house

Today our King of Hearts turns 36. He’s almost departing from the¬†house of the 30s. I’m sure it’s been a good and fun journey for him.¬†In four years he’ll be joining his Queen of Hearts, and together they’ll rule the house of the 40s…

¬†¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†From my humble heart to “His Majesty’s”, with all my love, ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†

Happy Birthday, Leonel!