Photography: Third-culture Passport life…

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The ‘Ceiling can’t hold’ these third-culture kids!

What is home for a TCK? [Instrumental] [Verse 1: César & His Gang] Return of the Mack Get ’em, what it is, what it does, what it is, what it isn’t Looking for a better way to get up out of bed Instead of getting on the Internet and checking a new hit me, get … Continue reading “The ‘Ceiling can’t hold’ these third-culture kids!”

Living in a ‘limbo’: Raising Third Culture Kids.

What do I mean by ‘trouble with third-culture kids‘? Right now I’m simply trying to collect my thoughts into one piece, because attempting to answer this question has become my life task. I joke with my three children that I was only a woman before they were brought into my life. they made me turned into … Continue reading “Living in a ‘limbo’: Raising Third Culture Kids.”

Violence-induced media and third-culture children.

The suggestion comes out as Michael Pick pokes us all with the question “Does watching violent movies inspire violence in the real world? “. In his own words, “When tragedies happen in the real world because of the violent deeds of a particular individual, the shock and horror that this happened very soon leads to trying to unravel the reason behind how it came to pass.

For some, the violence seen in films is taken as a catalyst or the inspiration for disturbing acts of violence in the real world. For others, blaming film violence for real life tragedies is cutting corners at best and “scapegoating” at worst — an effort to pin complex social or psychological issues on an enemy that can’t fight back…”

As a parent, a traveler, a ‘serial expat’, and mother of 3 growing TCKs, I believe there are so many factors responsible for shaping up the future of a child – and this is especially true when we’re talking about raising well-adjusted, worldly citizens, well-rounded children, as products of hybrid cultures.

Photo Project: 52 Bolivian Sundays [week 17, ‘Culture’ from other Countries in Bolivia]

The Diplomatic Ladies Association [Asociación de Damas Diplomáticas] in La Paz, Bolivia, organized a fair to showcase products and a little bit of the culture of the many countries who mark their presence in La Paz. Entrance fees were used as a fundraiser for charity projects throughout the capital. Here, a collection of snapshots of a few of these countries, including Panama, Japan, Great Britain, and, the United States…

Wish I wouldn’t be so caught up working at the booth, and gone around snapping more pictures from the beautiful German Embassador’s Residence! Maybe next time… next year, for sure! 😮

Learning about Culture and Presidents at the National Museum of American History, Washington DC.

                    George Washington Statue at National Museum of American History – Washington, D.C. This is the last post of a series – images and stories from our experiences during the US Home Leave. Before we arrived to our newest work and life adventure, we got to spend some time … Continue reading “Learning about Culture and Presidents at the National Museum of American History, Washington DC.”

When you’ve got more than one place in your heart… [living in-between cultures]

…you’re expected to love, honor and respect them both. This week we are honoring the US Independence, bringing back memories from other assignments, sharing our thoughts: Living in-between cultures, besides being an exciting experience, could be pretty challenging, as well. Raising children from hybrid cultures offers countless possibilities to keep traditions alive, maintaing memories and … Continue reading “When you’ve got more than one place in your heart… [living in-between cultures]”

Snapshots from indigenous culture in Pernambuco, Brazil: arts and crafts of the Fulni-ô tribe

Today, April 19th, Brazil celebrates the National Indian Day. In Pernambuco, the state of Brazil we’re currently calling ‘home’, there are still a few indigenous tribes – and most important of all, some of them still keep their native language, like the ones featured here. The most common indigenous tribes in Pernambuco are: the Xucuru, the Fulni-ô, the … Continue reading “Snapshots from indigenous culture in Pernambuco, Brazil: arts and crafts of the Fulni-ô tribe”

The Social Moms, the “influential moms network”, featured 3rdCultureChildren as blog of the week

“The SocialMoms Blog of the Week is 3rd Culture Children – where Raquel shares her love of travel and parenting.

Congratulations to 3rd Culture Children: the SocialMoms Blog of the Week! As someone who has done very little travel in my lifetime, I’m always fascinated by travel blogs, and this is no exception. I love that Raquel is able to talk about parenting while sharing the aspects of their travels to a variety of countries across the globe…” Click here for Nikki’s article/full interview:

Why “3rd Culture Children”?

Third Culture Kid Identity from Adrian Bautista on Vimeo. Thanks to an excellent team of bloggers, we’re sharing here a good impression/definition of the term “third culture children”, their implications, and the reason why the name was chosen for this Travel Blog. “The term Third Culture Kid (TCK) is one that has only recently begun … Continue reading “Why “3rd Culture Children”?”

Great food for thought for all of us, women: “Woman, by Unknown Author”

When God created woman he was working late on the 6th day……. An angel came by and asked.” Why spend so much time on her?” The lord answered. “Have you seen all the specifications I have to meet to shape her?” She must function on all kinds of situations, She must be able to embrace … Continue reading “Great food for thought for all of us, women: “Woman, by Unknown Author””

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month!

Hey there! Glad I got your attention! 🙂 Did you know that May was Skin Cancer Awareness month? Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is the main cause of skin cancer. UV radiation can also come from tanning booths or sunlamps. The … Continue reading “May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month!”

Caring for oneself: Am I ‘eating’ this??

Why does it matter there has been a lack of federal regulations on beauty products?? I’ll give you ONE example. Lipstick. 90% of all lipstick. Let me repeat that. NINETY PERCENT of all lipstick contains lead and harmful carcinogens. Ingredients used in personal care products aren’t required to be tested for safety on human health. … Continue reading “Caring for oneself: Am I ‘eating’ this??”

Switching to Safer (and Healthier!) Lifestyle

A big Thank You to all my readers and friends, for supporting not only my recently launched small business for safer and healthier lifestyle, but also, the personal statement behind it, which involves my solid belief in seeking out safer alternatives for myself and my family: 2017 has been a particularly challenging year, with very … Continue reading “Switching to Safer (and Healthier!) Lifestyle”

Photography: Classic Cars in Havana Vieja 

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Challenges of raising bi/multilingual kids…

Already mentioned here my [random] thoughts on the whole bi/multilingual culture {Comments and extra thoughts on being a multilingual parent…}, and its obvious benefits, not only to the growing child, but also for the society that child is part of…

My children are surely enjoying their school break – another 2 full weeks to go, and they’ll be back at a familiar environment – an international school, surrounded by Spanish speaking classmates, and other expats, mainly from neighboring South American countries, a few European reps, and the well-known US-American crowd.

Life in the Foreign Service: and our next assignment is….

Could we be any happier? We got (again!) our #1 pick as our onwards Foreign Service Assignment post: Obviously, more to come… but for now, I only have one thing to say: YAAAAAY! Stay tuned… 🙂 Written by Karen Hastings History and Havana go hand in hand. The name “Havana” conjures images of Spanish conquistadors, … Continue reading “Life in the Foreign Service: and our next assignment is….”

The First Bierwagen: making passing-by tourists happier, every Oktoberfest!

During the Brazilian October Beerfest 2016 festivities, one might find surprises anywhere… everywhere! Even crossing the city of Blumenau’s traditional street, the November XV, as you may see below… Free beer being given by these lovely mom-and-daughter set. Old German pappa is responsible for the driving duties! One can’t beat the uniqueness of mixed cultures! 😊

Oktoberfest Princesses!

More to come, obvioulsly, since we are currently on our way back home. Airports never are a great “blogposting” choice! For now, leaving you with the husband’s choice of ‘princesses’, and his unchallenged Queen! 😊

Getting ready for the Greatest Brazilian Beer Festival – Oktoberfest of Blumenau!

And, the Lima Miranda Clan is getting ready for another cultural trip. The second largest Oktoberfest happens some 6,000 miles away from Munich… in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil – exactly where these ‘travel-addicts’ are going! This time, it will be a celebratory trip for the husband and I, a token towards our 13th wedding anniversary … Continue reading “Getting ready for the Greatest Brazilian Beer Festival – Oktoberfest of Blumenau!”

“To have a second language is to possess a second soul” (Charlemagne)

The advantages that multilinguals exhibit over monolinguals are not restricted to linguistic knowledge only, but extend outside the area of language. The substantial long-lived cognitive, social, personal, academic, and professional benefits of enrichment bilingual contexts have been well documented. Children and older persons learning foreign languages have been demonstrated to:

UPDATED: “Moving is the 3rd most stressful life event”…

How crazy it is that this topic is always so current? and once more, our nomadic family finds itself jumping the ‘ bidding-season’ ropes… It never fails. Always exciting, nevertheless, stressful… Are we, Foreign Service folks, somewhat creatures of dark sarcastic humor? We must be, otherwise, what could be a logical, plausible explanation for continuously … Continue reading “UPDATED: “Moving is the 3rd most stressful life event”…”

Experiencing unpaired joy during the Rio2016 Paralympic Games

  Closing the loop on the wonderful experience this year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games have brought to us. I’ve already shared here our family’s perception and personal experiences during the Rio2016 Olympic Games. Have also introduced the curious way the Paralympic Torch would be lit, by ‘human/social media heat’.   During the last weekend of the … Continue reading “Experiencing unpaired joy during the Rio2016 Paralympic Games”

The Lima Miranda Clan visits the Majestic Iguazu Waterfalls!

  Glad it’s Friday! Spring has arrived in Brazil, and our working-traveling family keeps enjoying our time in Brasilia, which due to its central location, has enabled us to tackle a few of the ‘bucket list travel destinations’ we’ve originally planned for 3-year assignment in Brazil. This September, we took advantage of a Brazilian National … Continue reading “The Lima Miranda Clan visits the Majestic Iguazu Waterfalls!”

Interview for the An American-Brazilian in Brasilia

Thank you for the expert folks at Expat Finder for publishing the interview! Please find complete text below: 14 September 2016  \We’ve had the chance to talk to Raquel Miranda, 44, a Brazilian-American expat who has moved to Brazil with her family. Mrs. Miranda who has been living there for two years now works as … Continue reading “Interview for the An American-Brazilian in Brasilia”

Lit by human heat, Paralympic torch will visit six cities representing each region of Brazil

  Reposted from the Paralympic Press, Brazil: ·         Paralympic Flame will be formed by the union of the flames lit at Brasília, Belém, Natal, São Paulo, Joinville, Rio de Janeiro and Stoke Mandeville, in England. ·         People from all over the world may send human warmth through social networks to light up the flames in … Continue reading “Lit by human heat, Paralympic torch will visit six cities representing each region of Brazil”

Thoughts on being a better – more effective? – parent…

Well, does it really exist? Is there a place in the ‘Matrix’, offering parents the comfort they so-desperately seek, when it comes to the betterment of their children? In the endless search for answers, and like any other parent [of multiple children, in my case], any free time my weekend is able to provide, is … Continue reading “Thoughts on being a better – more effective? – parent…”

The 2016 Olympics in Brazil, by the Lima Mirandas!

Greetings from Brasilia! Well, the Olympic Games have come to Brazil… and our family has been very fortunate to have been part of these magnificent events. Obviously, not the easiest task for our host country, but nevertheless, a pretty enjoyable experience. How beautiful is the main host city, Rio de Janeiro? Here are a few … Continue reading “The 2016 Olympics in Brazil, by the Lima Mirandas!”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Jubilant

Exercising our best parenting pride – snapshots of a regular Saturday morning, running between kids sports activities… our jubilant attempt to raise healthy children.  We’re satisfied, proud, and exhausted…. until next Saturday!😉

A great Washington Post Read: ‘A tale of two temperaments: Same Parents, Different Kids’

This morning, I stumbled upon this short op-piece from the Washington Post. Easy, quick, enjoyable read – and it represents exactly what I sometimes feel regarding raising our 3 children: they all came from the very same set of parents, we’ve offered them the same opportunities, require the same level of respect and responsibility [okay, … Continue reading “A great Washington Post Read: ‘A tale of two temperaments: Same Parents, Different Kids’”

#ExperimenteBrasilia – Miranda Family Sunset Lake Experience

A long overdue return to my blogging tasks: Now, sharing a few experiences from our packed weekend in Brasilia. a rock concert, a farewell dinner, a family boat trip along the waters of the Capital’s famous Lago Paranoá.   As a child, growing up in Brasilia, back in the 1970s, 1980s… the Lake Paranoá was a … Continue reading “#ExperimenteBrasilia – Miranda Family Sunset Lake Experience”

Sad, sad times for Brazil… The country tumbles… the unfortunate House of Cards…

Not much of a “talk-about-politics” person. In fact, not at all. Recent events have made me change the way things are perceived. Frustration and dispair have left a dark cloud over this country’s unique lanscape…my frustration has kept in silence, a wise choice in times like these. The social media covering the recent events has … Continue reading “Sad, sad times for Brazil… The country tumbles… the unfortunate House of Cards…”

Blogging hiatus – foreign service life, work and love: Brazil in times of Zika

This is not a real post, at least, not per se. But I felt like I needed to have something out there. The Lima-Miranda Family is still is Brasilia, Brazil. Enjoying live, working like crazy, traveling [for work and just not enough for leisure…], keeping friends close and ensuring the Little Miranda kiddos are being … Continue reading “Blogging hiatus – foreign service life, work and love: Brazil in times of Zika”

Then [2012]: bidding farewell to their ‘BFFs’! [Até logo, para os melhores amiguinhos!] : Now, in 2015 “Festa Junina” Mode!

After three long years, our family is back to the celebration of “Festa Junina”. Three years ago, when we left Recife, Pernambuco, our oldest kids bid farewell to their best friends, and embarked into the new adventure: La Paz, Bolivia. Bolivia’s assignment is now over, and since mid-July 2014, we’re been living in Brasilia. The … Continue reading “Then [2012]: bidding farewell to their ‘BFFs’! [Até logo, para os melhores amiguinhos!] : Now, in 2015 “Festa Junina” Mode!”

Snapshot of Inter-embassies soccer tournament, Brazil – May 2015.

Glad to see my “big child” displaying a healthy return, playing with his team mates. Very proud to see our son following his dad’s footsteps. Literally!

Stepping out of Brasilia: A quick return to Recife, Pernambuco

One of the advantages of being placed right in the middle of the country is the ability to [easily] travel around. another family trip, now, to a previous foreign service posting [2010-2012], the city of Recife, capital of the Northeastern state of Pernambuco.

Garota de Ipanema: The Girl from Ipanema – the song, the inspiration, the couple…

The bar and its entrance: [the claimed birthplace of this beautiful Bossa Nova song, where Tom and Vinicius used to spend hours watching the girls on their way down to the beach…]   The song, by Vinicius de Moraes & Antônio Carlos (Tom) Jobim:   The bar menu, obviously inspired by the song and all … Continue reading “Garota de Ipanema: The Girl from Ipanema – the song, the inspiration, the couple…”

Snapshots of Temaiken Park, Argentina

Although we’re currently posted in Brasilia, Brazil, I guess our family tends to be anywhere these days. Sharing here a few snapshots of a family trip to Argentina: this time, the Biopark Temaiken [Fundación Temaiken, Provincia de Buenos Aires].